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Infernal - Intim Tour

Publikum har mulighed for at komme helt tæt på Paw & Lina når de to velkendte ansigter drager på intim tour med deres musikere gennem mange år. Der bliver rig lejlighed til at stille nærgående spørgsmål og måske falder der også frække svar på...

Summer Tour 2015

Infernal is touring Denmark at the moment.  

X-Factor 2015 is on

Nanni, Sophia & Jógvan is the +23 singers Lina has chosen for the liveshows 2015. 

Welcome to Border Breakers,

We are a creative management with A&R skills and massive artistic commitment attached to our hard work breaking artists and their music globally as well as locally. We have specialized in exploiting Danish artists abroad to the international recordcompanies and we have been involved in some of the biggest successes of Danish music export.

Please have a look around and check out some of the artists we have worked with and somehow have been involved with during our many years in the business. We mainly focus on exploitation of Artists combined with strongly A&R involvement reaching the goals.

New music